DevOps know-how for busy engineers

Courses and workshops designed for teams of one to ten who have little time to level up.

The myth of "free learning" Of course you can learn a programming language or setting up a web framework or infrastructure service by yourself.

We all can. If I had all the time in the world, I'd study all the things! The problem is, I don't have all the time in the world. And neither do you.

There's a better way to learn a new skill than...

  • 🤨 watching videos on YouTube, desperately on the hunt for someone who can explain the topic in an understandable way,
  • 😩 copying code from blog posts that doesn't work because it's outdated, and
  • 🥺 ending up on StackOverflow begging for help.

Yes, books can be a good alternative. They're usually written by authors who have expertise on the topic, and edited by people who know how to effectively present that expertise. However, you can't expect most authors to be available for the questions that arise when you start putting your new learnings into practice. And since the publishing process makes it hard to keep up with the pace of development in the DevOps space, you'll still have to rely on auxiliary material to make sure you're up-to-date.

This kind of learning is only free if your time doesn't have any value.

There's a better way. Until we have direct download to our brains, well-guided workshops are your best option.

Having an experienced trainer who is not only a subject matter expert but also a skilled and empathic teacher is the quickest and most effective way to learn new skills.

I've been a programmer since 1984, and a sysadmin since 1993. I've also been teaching those subjects for more than 20 years. I started out as a SuSE Certified Linux trainer, teaching both at their training centres and at client locations. Later, I switched to designing and delivering my own course curriculum. For the Perl programming workshop I held for several years both in-person and online, I even wrote a comprehensive 200-page book.

I design my courses and workshops with individual participants and small teams in mind who want to see an instant return on investment of their time. All participants have access to me via the Opsitive community platform where they can ask questions and dive deeper into specific issues. During live workshops, I hold regular Q&A sessions to make sure that nobody is left behind confused. On top of what I bring to the table, participants will also find a growing number of skilled DevOps practitioners on the Opsitive community platform who are happy to share their own experience.

My goal is to enable you to apply a whole package of new skills within a minimum of training time. More importantly, I want you to feel good doing it. Imagine tackling your next work challenge or job application with full confidence that you're going to be up to the task! That's what "being Opsitive" is about.

Efficient, comprehensive, fun Stay tuned for my first course offerings!

I'm currently working on multiple courses and workshops that I'm going to release in the coming months.

Here are a few teasers:

  • Rails ViewComponent workshop: Clean up your views and make your presentation code more maintainable!
  • Ruby course for Beginners: Learn one of the most popular languages for automation and web development!
  • Linux shell workshop: Master the terminal, work more efficiently and automate tedious routines away!

While I'm busy getting everything in place, please join the friendly Opsitive community, and sign up below for updates on my progress. I'm excited to help you level up soon!

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