Individual guidance towards your goals

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." (African proverb)

Individual support Mentorship for software developers and DevOps engineers

Want to ace your next job interview? Successfully build your startup? Itching to learn high-demand skills? Work smart with me as your online mentor by your side to offer expert advice and guidance to match your zeal.

In the Opsitive mentorship programme, I accompany you on your way to your next skill or career goal. You'll be able to reach me via chat, email and video calls.

There are as many uses of a mentorship as you can think of! Here are a few examples:

  • Your mentor can help you identify and solve problems as well as provide practical, timely advice.
  • A personal chat or video call with your mentor can be a safe space to think out loud, explore new ideas and do some innovative thinking.
  • When you are pursuing a new skill, your mentor can prepare an overview of worthwhile content, and work with you to create a study plan.
  • You can practice pair programming during which your mentor helps remove blockers and shares best practices on code quality, software design and tooling.

If you feel that you could benefit from having a mentor to guide your career and skill growth, we should talk!

Are you ready for some guided growth? Sign up for a mentorship today.