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The real measure of a great engineer is how quickly that engineer can simplify a complex problem and develop an easily understood and maintainable solution.

–Martin L. Abbott and Michael T. Fisher, “Scalability Rules”

But how do you become a great engineer?

By learning from great engineers.

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Learning about innovations in software development, infrastructure ops and team collaboration. Solving issues together. Getting a bit of relief from the daily grind. That’s what the Opsitive community is all about.

I believe in life-long learning, and I enjoy participating in groups that share my interests. I’m sure that many of you feel similarly, and that’s why I’ve launched an online community for practitioners in the DevOps space.

Both as leader of a distributed company and as an introvert, I prefer asynchronous communication. That’s why the Opsitive community platform combines a forum called the “Opsitive BBS” (short for “bulletin board system”) with a group chat on Discord. On the BBS, you can take all the time you need to read posts, formulate your questions, share your experience and contribute your insight. And if you do want to chat in real time, the Discord server is waiting for you.

Join the Opsitive BBS, and have fun growing with a great bunch of people. It’s free!

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