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DIRECT: The seven core topics of remote team communication

Communication is essential when you work in a distributed team. The problem is that it’s not obvious where exactly the centre of balance is between sharing too little and sharing too much. That’s why I’ve created a framework that uses an easy to remember acronym to remind you of good opportunities to keep your distributed team in the loop.

CTO Weeknote 2022.8: Small wins, my Linux battlestation, working outside, and when to suit up!

Hello DevOps people!

This is my journal for week #8, 2022. For reasons that I’ll outline in a second, it took me a few days more than expected to get it finished. And since it looks like producing a weeknote video every single week won’t be sustainable at my current workload, I’ve decided to make that optional and, if I don’t find the time, just send a text-based newsletter. Therefore, if you haven’t signed up for my newsletter yet, subscribe on!

Talk archive: Mono-repo vs Multi-repo -- which approach is superior?

Monorepos contain multiple related codebases in a single source code repository. This approach was made popular by Google, who famously manage almost all the source code of their websites and services within a huge single monorepo.

In my talk “Mono-repo vs Multi-repo – which approach is superior?” that I held in May 2019 at DrupalCamp Scotland, I take a look at the advantages and downsides of monorepos.

Be opsitive!

What the heck does “opsitive” mean? Here’s my definition:

opsitive, adj.: Optimistic despite production outages, communication failures and management headaches.